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Pet Cooling Mat

This Amazing Pet Cooling Mat is what you Have Been Looking For! 

Does your pet ever get upset by being too hot in the summer? Make them more comfortable with our Pet Cooling Mat. You can put it anywhere, indoors and outdoors.

Recommended Sizes

  • XS - 40*30 cm ≤ 2 kg
  • S - 50*40 cm ≤ 2.5 kg
  • M - 62*50 cm ≤ 7.5 kg
  • L - 70*55 cm ≤ 15 kg
  • XL - 100*70 cm ≤ 40 kg

*This is also an average estimation, to be safe we suggest getting 1 size bigger

The coolness is activated when gentle pressure is applied, so as soon as your pets sit on it they will feel the benefits. This mat is made with eco-friendly technology that provides energy free cooling for your furry friends during the hotter months.

5 Star Points

    ⭐ The Material Cools Down Your Pet's Body Temperature Well
    ⭐ Super Easy To Clean & Wash
    ⭐ It Is Of A Breathable Or Sweat-Absorbent Material 
    ⭐ 3 Different Colors Available
    ⭐ 5 Sizes To Choose 

    The breathable material prevents sweat from penetrating the carpet and avoids creating an unpleasant odour when used for a long time. Order now!

    Real Images

    Pet Cooling Mat - HellopenguinsPet Cooling Mat - HellopenguinsPet Cooling Mat - Hellopenguins
    Pet Cooling Mat - Hellopenguins


    Q: Is there gel inside?
    No. It's a specially made mat with cooling functions, buy and try it for yourself! When you press onto it, you are able to feel the difference. :)

    Q: What fabric is it? Or is it plastic?
    We use special CoolCore, mesh cloth, terry cloth fabric materials. - Our secret weapon ;)

    Q: How does it work? Due to what cools?
    The mat is cool to touch, it doesn't get hot like a blanket or sheet once you've used it for a while.

    Q: Really cold?
     Cooling but not cold!