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June 21, 2020 2 min read

Reasons Why Social Distancing Isn't So Bad 

Wear your loungewear, all day... every day

I don't know about you but I do love me some comfy clothes, so it is hard to imagine that there is anything better than wearing joggers all day. Well, I am here to tell you that there is. What's better than wearing joggers all day? Is wearing an oversized T-Shirt and laying around Daydreaming all day! If this sounds like a bit of you, we have the most amazing soft t-shirts


Perfect for sleepyheads

Who would have thought our biggest dream would come to reality? Picture this: when you'd be shutting the alarm off, you're sleeping; when you'd be making breakfast, you're sleeping; when you'd be commuting to work, you're sleeping. Our heads deserve the best pillow to do all this sleeping with and we have the best ones for you right here


Happy with your doggie

Home is where your dog is. No more missing your furry little friend because you can get all the K-9 time you like and more, now that you're working from home. Plus, your dog is probably just as happy because they get to spend the whole day with you, awww!

Your house, your playlist

Play your music and we mean any music, as loud and as often as you want. The plants are the only ones likely to judge you, it is time to unleash the playlists!

Becoming chefs

Many trials but hopefully no burnt kitchens. How exciting is it to be cooking our favourite meals and eating them with joy. At last, now you have the time to become the pro chef you were always meant to be, the kitchen is your oyster, seize it!

Select, Delete & Repeat

I bet you’ve been saying for weeks or months even that you need to find the time to sort out your camera roll (we feel you), well now you have nothing but time. If you love a good clean out, then social-distancing will defo make you feel like you have your life together. Treat your phone to a new caseand phone grip while you're at it!

Essential Self-care

This could be the most beneficial time for you, time to focus on your creativity, clean out your thoughts and grow financially, emotionally and spiritually! It is time to take some all important 'me' time and improving your energy. Maybe it is about starting that business, or planning that gap year you've been wanting to take?

Use this time wisely but also take it easy. Take it at your own pace, don't compare yourself to anyone but yourself and try to be better than yesterday. So now you’ve got the low down on why social-distancing isn’t as bad as it seems. Spread the positivity, because honey, we all need it!

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