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June 30, 2020 2 min read

All the Heatwave Hacks

You're not crazy, we can also confirm that this is the hottest summer we've known of in the history of the British weather. Or at least it feels like it, right? We're not used to all of this heat Hot Emoji [Free Download All Emojis] | Emoji Island and so are more than often unequipped when it finally hits. But IO FIGO is coming to the rescue with a collection of heatwave hacks that will make your summer easy peasy, lemon squeezy. We want you lookin’ and feelin’ your best all Summer long (however long it lasts) so take note babes…

Step 1

Stay hydratedthroughout the day. Sorry to say alcohol does not count but a little doesn't hurt either, am I right?. Wateris also amazing for your skin so keep it up and you’ll notice the results.

Step 2

For all the beautiful ladies opt for a BB (Beauty or Blemish Balm) cream instead of a heavy foundation. In the hot weather you don’t wanna be feeling caked, so keep it natural for those hella hot days.

Step 3

Lay it on heavy! Factor 50 that is. Yes, it’s England but the sunshines here too and trust us the only thing worse than being burnt and looking like a lobster is feeling burnt and looking like a lobster. 

Step 4

A hand held fan will become your best friend, so don’t forget it – take it everywhere you go, it won’t let you down.

Step 5 

Picture this: You're all hot and bothered when you receive a notification, as you're pulling out your brand new iPhone you realise your hand is sweaty but it is too late, your shiny new friend is already falling to its doom. The solution to this: a nice customised phone grip

Step 6

Wear the right fabrics. When the mercury's rising, it's tempting to just strip off entirely. But it's actually way better to wear thin cotton-like our t-shirts. They let the skin breathe and soaks up excess sweat. 

Step 7

Protect your precious face from the sun, nasty bugs and from the most vicious insects in the whole animal kingdom, mosquitoes with the simplest of hacks: wearing a hat.

Now go forth and make this your best summer yet! 



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